P r i n t i n g S e r v i c e s ~ Print-Making


John at work in the print studio "We first gain an understanding of the artist's history, ideas and concepts and then help them explore how they can use printmaking techniques to reach their unique vision. It can be very exciting for the artist, and very rewarding for us. A leap of the imagination is what we strive for ....." - John Armstrong


Directing the printing operations at Armstrong-Prior, master printer John Armstrong has created a comfortable and stimulating environment in which artists at every experience level can investigate monoprinting, woodcut, serigraph and intaglio processes.

Armstrong-Prior, Inc. prides itself on problem-solving as well as concept generation while maintaining the high level of credibility of the artists. Every artist works directly with the Master Printer and an expert assistant making it a luxury to produce a significant quantity of images per session.

Materials are provided in consideration to each artist's individual pursuit. And available to all visiting artists at no charge is a fully furnished apartment just minutes from the facility.

Come on in and have a look around at some of the artists at work in the printmaking studio...

come on in and have a look around